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Russell Wilson has been said to carry the traditional bluegrass sound with soul. He has a high, lonesome tenor that comes from the heart. Russell also sings lead and occasionally will sing lead on the verses and tenor on the chorus. Anyway he does it the audience will hear the best of bluegrass.
Trooper Lee
  - Trooper Lee
  - Drop No Tears
  - Making Heaven My Home
  - Take A Little Time

Cumberland Mountain Home
  - What More Do You Need
  - The Stanleys Will Sing Again
  - This Lost Sinner's Prayer

Lonesome Old Home
  - Lonesome Old Home
  - Got Him On My Mind

Time To Pray
  - Jessie Taylor
  - Time To Pray

Sacred Songs In The Stanley Tradition
  - Be Ready For Tomorrow May Never Come
  - Rank Stranger
  - Searching For A Soldier's Grave

My Ride Is Coming
  - My Ride Is Coming
  - The Pale Horse And His Rider

Preach The Word
  - Preach The Word
  - Rejoice With Mom And Dad

We'll Work Till Jesus Comes
  - He Will Guide You
  - Six Hours On The Cross